Temporarily Out of Order 2010


Temporarily Out of Order 2010 from Heta Kuchka on Vimeo.

Me and my mother are very close. A sudden herniated disc made us even closer in 2010. The back pain was so terrible she couldn’t walk on her own for almost a year. Our roles started to change. I became the caretaker and she is more and more dependent on me. We started to process our fears of pain and helplessness. I made a series of work titled Temporarily Out Of Order in 2010. It consisted of drawings and a video. In the video she practiced her physical therapy exercises on a stage wearing a tutu. She appears very cute and amusing but at the same time one can relate to her constant pain through the slow, clumsy repetition. Making art together gives us both a chance to reflect on different feelings having to do with us growing older as women, fear of changes in one’s identity and fear of loss and of responsibility that comes with all of the above.