Let’s Give it One More Try a mother-daughter collaboration 2013

Everyone knows that the relationship between mothers and daughters is a tough one. You´re always comparing yourself to each other. There are expectations and disappointments and, as you’re trying to change the other to fit your idea of how they should be, you end up repeating your own mistakes over and over again.

My mom used to work in an art gallery. When she retired, she suffered a terrible herniated disc. Our roles were reversed in a heartbeat. Art has always helped the both of us to get through tough times. I’ve loved my mom´s drawings ever since I was a little girl, but when we started she hadn’t drawn for 40 years. We started to process our feelings about our loss of independence by drawing each other while documenting the act on video. We took turns spending hours studying each other´s faces and features. For us, the process was as important as the outcome. Working together to create this joint exhibition was a really rewarding experience. Also, my mom never stopped drawing again. The exhibition included among others the earlier video Temporarily Out Of Order (2010)

Pain I, 2010

Dear Mommy, 2010

The Mummy, 2013

Tuija Kuchka: Beast, 2012